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Binion's Hotel hauntings....

Posted by imchacha.masanimptewa9 on February 25, 2020 at 12:30 AM

There is a new paranormal event taking place in an Old Vegas hotel called The Horseshoe Hotel and Gambling Hall in downtown Las Vegas.  The original owner, Benny Binion was from the old school of thought and history of Las Vegas.  There are lots of lore surrounding the hotel/casino and around the family of Benny Binion.  Many of which now fuel the many ghostly encounters the security staff and other employees have experienced in the older Apache hotel side of the property.   Some of the stories include hearing a phone ringing when the phone lines are not active and a baby crying....which both I had captured on my voice recorder whilst I was on their ghost hunt event.  

EVPS (Elite Vegas Paranormal Society) founders Brian Purdy and Linda Purdy have began a new and exciting adventure with their ghost event inside the mostly off limits to the general public Apache hotel side of the Horseshoe hotel.  Their son David Purdy who is the host for the night leads off while he is giving an onstage interview to their many guests all of whom are into the paranormal fields themselves.  A very interesting start to a haunted occassion....

Later the ghost hunts start and the Purdy family takes all guests to two different floors of the Apache hotel while being escorted by one of the hotel security staff.    Many stories are shared from the Purdys about the different spirits who have attached themselves to the property.  One in particular was Benny Binion's wife.  She had residence in one of the suites.  Her room is said to be one of the more haunted rooms of the building.  I've recorded several EVPs from her room as it sounds like a female whispering to me through the audio recorder.    

If anyone is interested in this event I would highly recommend you check it out.  

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