the Pioneer Saloon Haunted Lock Down 11-23-13 the Pioneer Saloon Haunted Lock Down 11-23-13 Possible ghost anamoly #1 I took this photo as we first entered the bar area when the investigation started. There is a white mist forming at the end of the bar. I am not quitet sure what it is but it does look like a ghost. 186976422 Possible ghost anamoly #2 After seeing #1 picture in my view display I took another photo of the same area and caught this image. Some have said it's the mist in #1 afer it had manifested it's energy enough to be caught as an almost solid form. 186976423 Close up of #2 This is a closer look. 186976418 Possible double face image. This one I am not really sure of what is going on. It could possibly be a double image of the same lady standing there or a different face that is on top of her face. Very slow shutter speed on my camera and it's possible its her moving her head quickly. But still a cool looking photo. 186976417 A closer look... 186976419 Green/blue Light Anomoly. They were in communication with a spirit named "Paul" that resides in the building. There is a swirly green/blue light anomaly on the wall to the left. There were no other fixtures on the wall that could cause a reflective effect and I wasn't using any flash in this shot. 186976420 Another Possible Light Anomaly There is a very skinny red streak on the right of this photo going from the tv on the wall to the ceiling. Not quite sure how this was formed but possibly was caused by another source other than a ghost spirit??? Not sure, this remains to me to be questionable. 186976424 The Memorial room This is the memorial room at the Pioneer Saloon. There isn't anything odd but thought I would add this too. I have a different photo on another album as well. 186976421 187854613 187854610 187854611 187854612 Circled photo This one shows the faces in red circles and a light anomaly on the upper top right of picture. 187854755