May 7 2014 Lock down event May 7 2014 Lock down event Unusual blur I have put an arrow pointing towards a blur in the picture. There was no one walking there but there seems to be a blur spot. 192359437 Mist on Jill This photo has a faint mist on top of Jill and Deb. We were in the memorial room attempting to communicate with spirit. 192359438 Shaq is popular The young man to the left in photo has a strange mist coming from the middle of table going towards him. He was swiping the top of his head and said he was feeling something on his head at about the same time I took this photo. 192359439 Just for funny... I origianally thought there was a shadow figure lurking behind Deb but on a closer look I saw that it was Noel...the caretaker. :) 192359440