LV Paracon 2015 Event LV Paracon 2015 Event 'Angry' Joe watches on.... "Angry" Joe Tasso from Bonnie Springs Ranch watches on as Brian Purdy and Jason Gates (Haunted Collector TV show) explain the equipment being used this night. 199335963 John S. Cook Bank building This is where the paracon event began for the night. 199335964 199335965 Inside the Bank Building....a newly installed bar area. 199335967 199335968 199335969 The crowd gathers right before we start our investigations. 199335970 Dennis looking over the Goldfield Hotel. He didn't realize how expansive this building really was. 199335971 Jason Gates in the Goldfield High School conducting an EVP session without the use of the spirit box. 199335972 Brian Purdy, EVPS team leader and Jason Gates. 199335973 Dennis walking outside of the bank building. 199335974 Dennis signing a banner that was going to be given to Virginia Ridgeway, the caretaker of the Goldfield Hotel. 199335975 Investigations. 199335976 K2 meter, spirit box and voice recorders..... 199335977