The Thomas House incident The Thomas House incident The Thomas House Hotel Built in the late 1890s by the Cloyd family, this hotel has been visited by dignitaries and regular folk over the years. With a few ownership changes and a remodel after it was burned, it now stands as a very paranormal active building open to the public. Many accounts of haunted occurrences within these walls. 205798586 Haunted Halls One of the halls in the hotel. My room was the one at the end and I was experiencing shadowy figures when I was going to bed and also a knocking sound on the wall adjoining the next room to mine when there was no one there. 205798580 Staircase The staircase leading down to the main floor of the hotel. 205798582 Red Boiling Springs, TN by night A single street light illuminates in the background of the energy active lands once inhabitated by native American Indians. 205798585 the church One of the photos inside the now not used church across the street from the hotel. A shadow figure was seen in this building and audible voices were also heard. Several of the guests were grabbed by an unseen entity as well!!! During the last night of investigating all the participants witnessed objects being thrown around the room and the shadow figure manifested!!! 205798584 church Haunted church interior 205798587 Side room The door in this photo is where the shadow figure would manifest from. The side room was much more dilapidated then the main room. 205798588 Church front 205798589 Crosses for protection This is outside the front of the church 205798590