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63 years old
Haw River, NC
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Linda Masanimptewa-psychic journey

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I have been widowed for almost 5 years and have the feeling my husband is still here with me.  I feel he wants to tell me something but I can't figure out what it is.  I have been having some really bad times since he passed and don't know if that is why he is still here or if it is just that I am still living in the house that he built.  Can you help me to figure out what he is still here for?  Is he in unrest?  Happy?  He was not a happy man when he was alive, has this changed?  If you can help me I would appreciate it greatly/




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Reply imchacha.masanimptewa9
7:47 PM on December 29, 2011 
When I took a look at your photo, for some reason the house looks like it's 'spinning' both clockwise and counterclockwise. This could mean the house is in a little turmoil as far as energy goes. I am also sensing a male behind you looking in. And also a very male energy feel here. Usually when I sense spirits behind someone it's a passed family member that is coming through. So this also could be someone like a grandfather or your own father since the male is right above you. The man that I was sensing seems not too happy. He is also an older male maybe late 50s or early 60s. Possibly if you don't feel to weird to do this, then you can ask whoever I am seeing what or why he is not happy with you and your family being in there. Sometimes spirits will show you the answer. And then you can tell it to stop the 'funny' business and make sure that you let him know that this is your home now and you dont appreciate all the little annoyances that are ocurring there and that he must leave you alone if this male energy is actually a former owner or tenant. Afterwards you can 'cleanse' your home by what ever means you think will work for you but you really have to believe in this process. Whatever your religious background is, follow a cleansing of home and I think this will take care of the spirit that I am seeing. I am not sure why he is not happy but it's making me a little dizzy watching a room that is slightly spinning. Okay now that I am looking at your photo a little longer, I do feel some sort of attachment with the male energy. I have this overall feeling of someone who is really 'in love' with the home and is having a hard time letting go.

For you, I am sensing a person who is more of a no nonsense type of person. I dont think all this is frightening you and you are really not letting it get to you so that is good. Sometimes being afraid will blow everything out of proportion in these types of cases and it all escalates. I am also sensing someone that has a good sense of humor about the situation too. Being happy and upbeat will probably conquer anything that is trying to scare you. At work I've had objects thrown at me from out of nowhere and I know it's a little startling when it's unexpected so I would also say to protect yourself as well. I have been practicing the "white light" form of protection. It's when you imagine the brightest white light and make it surround yourself and your home and don't let up. You can even imagine diamonds in your white light just to make it as bright as possible. You can do this when you are relaxed and ready to sit for a few minutes to do this. I did this one time when I was seemingly being 'visited' by a spirit that wanted my attention at home. I suddenly heard a door slam and someone knocking on it to let them in. I got up and looked out the windows to see if it was one of my neighbors but there was no one in sight! Afterwards my house was quiet and calm again. So I know this does work. I hope this all helps you in a little way.