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Encounter with a Shadow Man

About 4  years ago in 2008 when my dad was becoming more and more ill, I  had an encounter with a 'Shadow Man'.  This is the story....


One early morning, I was getting ready to go to work.  I was heading for the shower which was in my dad's room.  The house was very dimly lit.  The hall light was on.  I didn't want to wake up my dad who was sleeping at the  time so I never turn his lights on.  As I got closer to the bathroom door, I saw what appeared to me to be a large dark mass that resembled a bear.


I stopped in my tracks and stood there for a few seconds just staring at the mass.  Wondering if that was my eyes playing tricks with me or was that  mass really there.   Suddenly it stood up and it was a large man standing there in front of me!!  But there were no details seen only a sillohuette of a man.  The 'man' was more dark than the darkened room!  We both just stood there staring at each other for a few more seconds.  Suddenly the shadow looked like he was about to turn and leave but had second thoughts.  He then lunged at me. 


I put both arms up in self defense because I really believed that the man was a living person who had broken into our house and was about to attack me.   I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed and the shadow man started swinging his arms around my neck area as if  he were trying to choke me!   I soon realized that he wasn't doing any physical harm to me but I did feel a very cold air going through me and a strange electrical tingling almost like a mild form of static as his arms and hands went through my neck area.   So in a split moment, I decided in my head to fight back since  he didn't seem to be hurting me.  As I thougth this the shadow man backed off me and returned to where he started from....the bathroom doorway.



  I was still leaning against the bed and was sort of frozen in fear and out of breath from being surprised like that.  The shadow man then turned to his side but suddenly looked back at me as if he was coming for another round with me.  But he didn't and disappeared into the inside wall.   It took me a few minutes to catch my breathe and think..."What just happened?!"  "Was I still dreaming and couldn't wake up?"  "Was this shadow man what he appeared to be, a man or what?!"


I couldn't figure it all out at the time.  I've never had an experience like this one before or since this one time.   And another detail about this event, as he was  taking swings at me I could make out details of his forearms to his hands.  He seemed to be wearing a long sleeved jacket possibly made out of corduroy and he had on a large men's watch and was wearing what looked like a wedding ring. 


Ever since this occurrence, I have been seeking answers online and from friends around me as to what this was.  Was I attacked by an evil entity that was there spying on my dying dad?  Or was it a relative or friend of my dad's coming to be with him to help him transition to the light?   Many people have told me that they believe the shadow man was probably a family member coming to visit and I happened to get in the middle of it. 


After asking around the past 4 years of others and their experiences with the paranormal I have come to believe that shadow people are really just people who have crossed over but their energy is manifesting as a darker shadowy figure and not the typical white mist or apparitions.  Being lighter or darker forms doesn't necessarily mean that one or the other is evil in nature just a different form of manifestation. 



Ghostly From Family Members

Before my father passed away, if you would have told me that I was going to be visited by my family after their deaths I would not have believed you.  Yes I have watched  tv programs about people having visits from family members after their death but I've always taken this stories with a grain of salt, so to speak.   Maybe they were just dreaming or it was wishful hoping that their loved ones were still here in the physical and would come back and be 100%.


Well, I have changed my thinking to this.  My dad passed away on  June 9, 2009.  About 4-5 days later I was vacuuming the rugs in the kitchen because my dad's funeral service was going to be the next day and his friends were invited to come to our house for remembering him and to have some snacks afterwards.   As I was vacuuming I had his tv in the kitchen on and it was pretty loud.  I was trying to watch the news and I couldn't hear it over the vacuum motor so I turned it up more loudly than usual.   I suddenly heard what sounded like a man yelling "Ahhh!!" in my left ear and very close to me.  I also then heard another man's voice sounding startled and saying "Oh?"  I recognized the second man's voice as my dad's!!  He would say "Oh?' when he didn't understand something or was just learning a new idea or he was hearing news about one of his friends.


I immediately  turned towards the sound but of course there was no one there except me in the kitchen.  My mom who was also still alive was in the living room a quite a bit away watching her tv totally oblivious to what I had just heard.   I guess it was mother's intuition but she turned to look at me.  I asked her if she yelled "Ahhh!" at me but she said no.   I was totally confused about this.  The two men were mumbling something and then it was gone. 




  I have thought about this event and I believe that my dad was being helped on the other side to make a good transition.  This almost reminded of the scene in the move "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore when the character "Sam" was in the subways with the older suicide victim person.  The older person was trying to teach "Sam" how to make objects move with the use of his physical body.  I believe now that the man who yelled into my ear that night was showing my dad how to do it and how it could be done.   That is why I heard my dad saying "Oh?" 


I believe that we all have someone that comes for us just to teach us how being just energy works.  I mean, when we are children, we were not born knowing all and knowing how this world works.  We had to have been taught by our parents and others that we meet along our individual journies.  So in my mind, this is what was happening at this time. 


And my dad has come to visit with us as the months went on.   Especially when my mother was getting very weak and ill at the last few months of  her life.  I have seen physical yellow mists that were around her once.   She was asleep and I was on the couch.  I wasn't asleep just relaxing there and suddenly she awoke and was calling "Honey!" "Honey!"  This is what she called my dad all the time.   I opened my eyes and I saw a yellowish mist that was next to her head area but it was upright.  It looked like someone was standing there but as soon as she called to him it moved away from her and she looked up or towards where it was.   She also had a totally happy smile on her face as if  he was really there again in life. 


I asked her what happened?  Was she dreaming and why did she call out for dad.  She said she didn't know why  but she just did.  And she said she wasn't dreaming at all.   I believe she was being comforted by my dad since she was very weak and in pain most of the time. 

Ghosts in the Clubhouse

This story took place at the begining of my psychic journey.  I've had encounters with ghosts/spirits before but never had an encounter with a full on apparition until this first time.


I was working in the morning at the golf course clubhouse and there is a group of older men who are our clubhouse team.  They are called the 'Posse'.  Well, this morning Tuesday, was their morning to practice golf and get a couple rounds in.  It was about 8:30 am and they all went outside to get ready to tee off.  I was standing in back of the pick up window and I saw a larger older man walk out from the side with the soda fountains and counter.  I can not see past the wall that is there seperating the pick up window and the counter. 


The older man looked really confused and was looking around for someone.  He was motioning with both arms as if  he were saying "Where is everyone?" or "Where did everyone go?"  I was standing there and was thinking he needs help.  He then turned towards me and  had a surprised look on his face.  My initial thought was "Oh maybe he didn't see me standing there and that's why he looked really surprised".  


But he then slowly came towards me.  I couldn't see him below his waistline because the pick up window is a little high.   He 'walked' up to the pick up window and was just standing there staring at me.  I started to get a little unnerved mainly because he wasn't talking at all, just staring at me and he had that jaw drop as well.   He stood there and started to motion with both arms like he did a few minutes earlier.   I believe now that he was testing me.  He probably couldn't believe that I could see him!! 


That's when I leaned towards him and was about to ask if I could help him.  The man suddenly had a look of total terror on his face and backed away from me and then he turned around and suddenly disappeared!!!!  Right in front of me!  And then I could see a living man who was standing in front of the tv that was hanging on a far wall. 


As soon as he disappeared I became startled and then realized that the man was all in gray absolutely no color to him and my hearing was being compromised.  It was like a tremendous pressure change had occured and suddenly when he left I could tell.   The cashier was sitting in a chair behind the cash register but she didn't see anything, only me. 

  After this event I wrote a blog about this experience and told my general manager about the blog.  He said he wanted to read it.  A few days later he asked me to come into his office and he closed the door behind me.  I thought I was in trouble but I didn't know for why.   I sat there and he started to tell me about his encounter with possibly the same older man ghost!  He said his experience happened before we opened this new clubhouse and he was installing shelving.  He said he heard someone moving around in the dining room.  He looked up and there was an elderly man walking around the corner to the back area where there is a small bar.  The clubhouse is in an "L" shape.  He grabbed a driver, the biggest and heaviest one he could find and went after the man.  There shouldn't have been anyone else in there except for the general manager and it was late at night around 11:30 pm.


He said he looked EVERYWHERE for the man and even in closets that were locked.  He couldn't find anyone.  So he went back to putting shelving up.  He then heard what sounded like someone moving dining tables around after he continued his work.  That is what caused him to vacate the premises VERY quickly!!  He said he left all the lights on and the radio that he was listening to on.  And just took out of there like a bat out of  hell. 


He was very shaken up over this event but never told anyone except me and that was because I had written a blog about my experiences.  He said he didn't want people to know that he was afraid of this or that he even had an experience.  He had the fear that people would think he was going crazy and he couldn't have that since he was the manager.  He then told me that the place has a very strange feeling.  He thought maybe it was because of the design, "L" shape or something like that.  But I don't think it is the design.  Lol.


Ever since this first experience, I have had several other encounters with spirit.  Another time I was opening the kitchen and was the only one in there.  I was rinsing off some dishes with a sprayer and I could hear someone walkiing up to me from behind.  I thought it was a supervisor that used to work there but when I turned around there was no one there, but I could feel someone.  I went back to spraying my dishes and then I suddenly turned my head to look back and I saw a man looking over my left shoulder at what I was doing!!!  He was an older man wearing dark rimmed glasses.  He looked as startled as I was too see him and then his energy went into the dry storage room very, very quickly.  It was like a gust of air leaving me.  


Both experiences obviously I can't prove with documentation that they occurred.  But when other people have similiar experiences, makes you think. 

Stigmata or Dream Manifestation

A few years ago I was taking a nap in the afternoon.  One of my mom's friends and come over to visit and they were talking in the living room and watching tv. 


I started to have a strange dream.  I dreamt that someone was poking me in the middle of  my palm with a screwdriver.  I thought I had opened my eyes and there was a blue handled screwdriver, a smaller one, sticking out of the middle of my palm!!  I was startled and bewildered at the same time as to why would this item be there.  I also wasn't feeling any pain at the time.  So I reached over and pulled it out of my hand.  I saw blood running out of the hole but still no blood and for some strange reason, no panic either.  I am guessing that my mind was telling me that I must be dreaming this and I went back to deep sleep. 


When I finally awoke completely I remembered this dream and looked down at my hand to see if this was a dream or maybe there was some reality to this.  That's when I saw a very small wound that was round and red like it had been a cut there.  It wasn't bleeding or there were no signs that it was ever bleeding.  But I thought it was very strange that there was anything there since my mind was telling me that it was all a dream and go back to sleep. 


I got up and went out to ask if I had been sleepwalking just now.  My mom and her friend both said no and I started to tell them about my dream and what I found on my hand.  Of course, both kind of chuckled and said "Yeah...must have been a dream."  This event totally confused me but I always kept it on my mind even going to work and telling my co-workers about this.   A few days later I needed to use a screwdriver to fix something.  We keep smaller screwdrivers in a drawer in the kitchen for small repairs.  I went to get one and I found a blue smaller screwdriver in there!!  It was the same one in my dream!!  Now, I really can't say for sure that this screwdriver flew out of the drawer and came into my room and poked my hand that one day.  But it was all too weird and a strange 'coincidence'. 

  For one, there is no such thing as 'coincidence'.  All events are based on alignment.  Even when you don't see the alignment or realize any of the events are related or formed from some spirit beings help, it all happens for a reason.    So to find this one particular screwdriver in that drawer is amazing. 


Second, Stigmata....some speculate that Stigmata forms from the individual person and not from some unseen force outside of the body.   Stigmata as portrayed in films is a physical change to one's body and usually related to religious beliefs.   People who are Catholic and who strongly believe in Stigmata are said to sometimes manifest physical changes that can not be explained very easily.  Such wounds appearing on the palms of the hands or feet.  Wounds around the crown of your head that appear to be puncture wounds said to be that of the Crown of Thorns placed on Jesus' head at the time of Crusification.   And in some cases, a wound will appear at the puncture points where something was thrust into Jesus' abdomen side.  I don't know really if this is just someone's strong mind and will manifesting these events or if there is a stronger and higher power at play here. 


I myself don't follow any one religious belief or doctrine.  So when I manifested my palm mark was it dream manifestation from someone who was so deep in dreamstate that it actually produced a small mark on my palm?  Or was it a mild Stigmata coming to the surface of the hand of someone who has no formal religious education?  I do however believe in an afterlife and a higher energy.  We all ascend to some degree after death and we, having freewill even in death, can go where ever we want to or feel we need to. 


This isn't a story on religious beliefs but thought this was an interesting story to relate.  I haven't had anymore 'wounds' appearing on my physical self so the 'jury' is out on my experience. 


I call this one "Franki".  I used to work at a sports lounge on a military base.  The building was a very old one but was remodeled into a sports lounge in the early '90s.  I was relocated to the facility from another snack bar at the rec center on the same base.  The first few weeks there were uneventful paranormally but hectic as far as business wise.  Of course  being the newest facility on this base and a new concept at the time, a bar that served food to all ranks and civilians this made this place a very popular eating and drinking hang out. 


As time went on, I started to hear about the activity that was going on in the place.  I don't mean the living people activity but the non-living kind.  I was told one night the customers that were the last to leave would see a blue mist coming from the video game room and going towards and into the bathroom areas.  This happened several times and each time the patrons would be scared and freaked out.  I myself have never seen anything like a  blue mist ever in the building the whole 11 years that I worked there but from the customers who actually saw this mist their reactions to it made me a believer.  


One night we had the night janitors in there cleaning up.  We used to employ federal prisons who were on work release.  They would come out and clean the buildings at night after closing.  Well, one of these janitors was in the kitchen mopping and he saw a half man apparition walking from the video game room to the bathroom areas.  The other guys there said he immediately dropped to his knees and started to pray while holding his bible that he always carried.  He was so frightened of this event that the guys had to escort  him outside.  He vowed then that he never wanted to return to our building ever again.  And  he never did. 


This facility was the first place that I was ever 'touched' by a spirit.  I was standing in the manager's office doorway asking her about a party that was coming later in the day.  I felt someone pass behind me and put their hands on the lower back/hip area, right side and  the other  hand on my left shoulder.  This felt like someone was saying "Excuse me, please".  So I stepped out of the way towards my manager and almost into her office.  She kind of looked at me strangely and that's when I asked her if there was anyone passing behind me.  She said no.  And that gave me the chills!!  I also felt where the hands were on my body, it was extremely cold and there was a tingly after effect.  Now this event happened much earlier than any ghost hunting tv shows.  Many years before Jason and Grant hit the tv scene.  But I was already experiencing the paranormal. 

  Now about "Franki"...later on after so many strange events taking place someone who came into the place and had a little more knowledge than I about the paranormal and ghosts told me that if you want the activity to stop you just have to talk to them.  Be nice and just politely say to them to please stop scaring the patrons and employees.  This should work.  So I tried this but for me not knowing their names or who or what it was that was causing all this or why I just came out of the blue with the name "Franki".   So when the next time something strange would happen and I was there I just called out to "Franki" and asked politely to stop what ever they were doing so the workers would stop freaking out.  And it did, the activitiy would cease for awhile afterwards. 


But as soon as someone would come into the kitchen and not believe in spirits or ghosts just because they have never seen anything themselves then the activity would start up again.  One vender heard about the ghost stories and he just blew it all off.  He said he don't believe in all that and walked away.  Suddenly the activity started up .  We had receipt printers on two sides of the kitchen.  Once the one printer started to print an order completely on it's own!!  Then I said "Franki's back".  


Of course, some will not or never believe in what I have posted here.  And you don't have to but please be warned that spirit activity does happen out there and many people have documented cases of  hauntings.   But if you do have a mild haunting....maybe you can try to talk to it politely and ask for it to stop the activity.  It might just work. 

Another ghost story

Another ghost story from spirit central.  Recently I have had my gates open and close seemingly on their own.  This doesn't happen too many times but when it does it makes me wonder who or what is doing this.  The gates always seem to open/close when I least expect it.  Obviously, the wind or a live person could be the culprit but I don't know.   This event has me going batty.  Some of my friends have suggested that it is a ghost doing this for attention or just likes to open gates.  

My brother had a door bell ringing issue that he couldn't explain but for some unknown reason his issue have stopped.  Could this be the same spirit coming to my house and opening the gates just so I will pay attention to it?  I've had doors open on their own before and right in my line of view. 

At work once I was talking to the supervisor in the bar area before we opened for business.  Suddenly one of the cabinet doors that housed our hard liquor bottles opens on it's own.  There were other doors there but only this one door and the door directly behind my supervisor!!  I pointed it out to her and she turned around and watched it moving slightly.  She went over to it and tried to see what caused that door to open but I she didn't find a reason.  She then told me to join her in her office instead.   

Could this have been someone that knew her and just wanted for to know that they were there? At this time I wasn't into the paranormal like I am now. And for being psychic? I never would have believed anyone that I could be.



Since this time though, I've experienced so much as far as the paranormal that it makes me stop and think.  Why am I constantly having these experiences happen to me?  How do these events occur or what are the technical means by how a 'spirit' can open a door without a body?  These will probably never be answered until I myself go to the 'other' side and find out first hand. 

But I am trusting my spirit guides and guardian angels to aid and guide me in the right direction.  Normally they really don't guide anyone into a wrong direction, but we all have freewill to do anything we want to.  The Angels are there for support but not really to take your hand and pull you in any direction. 

A Wraith or Grim Reaper?

A Wraith...A Spirit that is seen shortly before or after a death.

I may have experienced such a spirit.  In the above story of the Shadow Man 'attack', I said the shadow figure had been crouching in the doorway of the bathroom where I was heading to.  It didn't have any detailed form until it started to lunge at me and try to 'strangle' me with it's hands.   After going online and finding what a Wraith is, I may have actually experienced this with the shadow man attack instead of an angry spirit as originally thought. 


At the time, my father was becoming very ill with a lung disease that had turned his pnuemonia into a fatal attack on his lungs and his life.   None of my family didn't realize this at the time though.  We believed he would get better after getting the right medicines for his sickness.  This 'attack' occurred several weeks prior to his death.  And looking back at this event, the shadow was seemingly waiting and watching my dad.  It must have been 'lurking' about for awhile before I encountered it in that doorway.  It could very well have been a 'Wraith' like spirit energy standing there. 


I have never been 'attacked' since this one incident and I hope it won't happen again ever but now this has left me wondering exactly what that was that was standing in that doorway.  I will probably never know the real answer since he hasn't come back and I don't believe that I have had any contact with his spirit.  But I will keep you all informed if this does happen. 

A Dizzying Experience

I recently went to The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV on a haunted lock down.  The night started off as usual with the owner Noel greeting us at the door.  We, my friend and I, went into the gift shop where the lock down begins and sat at the counter to listen to Noel's instructions and a quick history of how he acquired the saloon.  We then made our way into the main bar areas where the lock down would take place.


The investigation started off with all of us sitting in the Memorial room with all of the ghost detection devices sitting on the round table.  The first thing that I noticed was the lights of the Ghost Meters didn't stop blinking.  Usually a blinking Ghost Meter indicates the presence of spirit energy that is nearby.  This was the indicator to me that this night would be a different one.  As the session went on with several of the people on the tour asking questions of the spirits, we did catch with the use of an Ovilus III several audible voices that were coming through the device. 


Noel asked one of the staff to bring him a glass of real whiskey for a spirit named "Paul".  He said back in the day, many of the patrons would drink whiskey and the brand name hadn't changed since those times.  Noel had a foam cup with water in it and was placed very near the glass of whiskey.  Noel then stated out loud that "Here is your glass of whiskey, Paul!"  "Come and get it!"  There was a short pause as spirit needs time to manifest it's energy enough to verbalize a voice but suddenly a voice was heard saying "Water." 


Noel thought for a second and then stated back "Not that cup, that's my water!"  "Your cup is next to it."  We all had chuckle as spirit was apparently mistaking Noel's cup for the whiskey. 


After finishing this part of the lock down, we then re-entered the main bar areas and they proceeded to place the Ovilus and other devices on a benched table that had been positioned next to three bullet  holes in the wall.  The bullet holes came from when Paul Coski was shot and killed by another resident, Joe Armstrong during an ill fated poker game.  Paul was a known card cheat and after a three day poker game where Paul had won all three days, Joe called him out.  Joe being a smaller man in stature than Paul pulled out a gun and began to shoot at Paul killing Paul where he sat.

  While we were sitting here, there were multiple voices hear coming from the Ovilus.  One in particular we identified as possibly being Paul.  Noel and his staff have stated that Paul is a very frequent visitor to the Pioneer Saloon.


After this session with EVPs Noel got up and was checking the women's bathroom for any spirit energy.  The women's bathroom is said to be the most highly active for feeling spirit energy and activity.  There is a woman sobbing and crying heard in there and with your naked ears.  After hearing this, I wanted to check it out myself.  I entered the bathroom with Noel but others came as well.  They all were curious as was I.  By the time we started an EVP session in there, I ended up right in front of the commode. 


The energy I felt in there was terrifically strong.  I've never felt as strong a feeling as I felt while I was standing in the stall.  I had to lean against the opened door just to support myself and not to  tip over.  I was also feeling very dizzy.  Noel then was explaining that the door would close on  it's own.  So he called my name and asked me to move my position so he can see if it will close on it's own.  But being dizzy and feeling as if someone was trying to channel into my head, I didn't respond quickly.  I was totally aware of my surroundings and could hear everything that was being said but my reaction time to it all was strangely slow.  It felt like I was zoning out. 


But when I did move off of the door, I started to lean against a wall.  Noel was trying to lighten up the feeling in the bathroom with a joke.  As he was stating his humor, I quickly turned to look towards him and that's when I felt someone touching my ear!  It was a spirit energy and it was the one that was trying to channel into my head to communicate with the others and me.  As I felt this, I turned to look behind me and saw a very faint flickering  light anomaly that was very quickly moving away from me.  I believe when I suddenly turned my head, this action scared or startled the spirit away from me. 


I stayed in the room for a few minutes more and then left.  After exiting the bathrooms, I still was very dizzy and now I felt totally drained of my energy.  All I wanted to do was lay down on one of the bench chairs and go to sleep.  I didn't even go on to the next part of the lock down which was going into a back room and viewing a mine shaft entrance. 


I Was Being Touched by a Ghost!!

Dennis and myself made the three hour trek to Pioche, NV to experience the haunted Overland Hotel.    The hotel and town was a suggestion from a lady I had met during a weekend street fair in Overton, NV.  Pioche is another old mining town established in the late 1800s when the lands were wild and the people were wilder.  

 The history of Pioche states it was possibly the most violent town of it's time...even surpassing Tombstone, AZ with the total people killed before the first person died of natural causes.   Many were local miners and business folks who for some unfortunate fate had their lives cut short due to the overall lawlessness.  

We arrived late in the afternoon and it had been raining most of the day.  The sky was overcast and gloomy but this did not deter us from driving to and checking into the hotel for the night.  We only planned on staying one night as the only purpose of our visit was to do a mini investigation of the hotel and the infamous room #10.  This room is said by many locals and travelers to be the most haunted room of the entire hotel.  People who have stayed in this particular room have complained of hearing whispers coming from somewhere within the walls and on occasion being awoken by a shadow figure looming over their bed.   The latter experience is what Dennis was hoping for as he slept on the side that these occurrences have been noted to happen.  After we had returned from getting a meal before the local diner had closed for the day, I decided to rest before the night's activities would start.  I didn't want to be totally drained from my all day drive.  

 Around 7 pm after replenishing our energy, we started to do an EVP session using a spirit box 7 and a voice recorder to capture any voices.  We did this for about an hour and we caught many voices coming through apparently responding to our questions.  Dennis at one point had said he liked the town of Pioche as it was quiet and peaceful but when reviewing the recordings after I had returned home, I could clearly hear a male voice saying "I hate this place".   A differing matter of opinion...  

We also walked around with Dennis' FLIR Thermal Imaging camera to see what that would catch but nothing appeared on the display screen.  Earlier when we first arrived I set up my voice recorder in the bathroom on a chair to see what I would get and I did record a disembodied voice responding an answer to what Dennis was saying in the other room.  We both thought this room wasn't as active as we were first led to believe..or not yet anyway.   

 As we concluded our short investigation, I went into the side of the room where my bed was located.  The room#10 is a double sided room with a small foyer dividing the two sides.  He stayed on the side with the bathroom and window because of the possible attack from a ghost that was said to happen every once in a while.  I on the other hand stayed on the other side with the two full size beds.  This side had an indent in the wall that resembled a window but in reality was not.  It was painted with a country scene so the renters wouldn't feel so claustrophobic.  

I decided to lay down for the night.  We had to drive back to Vegas the next morning and I didn't want to be all drained and tired.  I normally don't sleep with the lights off and this was not the time to start.  I kept my outside jacket on as I felt a chill in the room.  I also didn't feel comfortable to go under the covers of the bed.   Well, I was watching the local TV programming until I did slowly fall into much needed sleep.  I must have been asleep for a few hours when it felt as if someone was tugging on my left arm. Knowing the place is haunted I didn't want to alarm myself so I pretended to be asleep.  I guess I didn't want to 'see' who it was.  I felt the tug on my arm again but the second time it was much more forceful and had lifted my arm up and backwards.  It was trying to roll me over so I would have sat up to talk to them....or this is what I thought.  I also thought maybe this was my brother Dennis tugging at my arm....trying to play a joke on me in the middle of the night.  As the tug was pulling on my arm I turned slowly turned my head away from who ever was doing this to me and said "I'm trying to sleep.  Please let me rest" and suddenly the tugging stop completely.  

A few hours later I heard Dennis coming to my side of the room to  wake me up by calling my name.  I asked him if he had tried  to wake me up earlier in the night and he said no.  This was when a chill went through my body.  I believe I had been touched by a ghost!!  And this spirit really wanted me to be awake.  Possibly trying to communicate with me because that was the purpose of our short visit to the Overland Hotel. 

We gathered our equipment and loaded back into my car.  We decided to take a last walk around town before heading out.  Overall experience was definitely haunted in our opinions.   

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